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Canadia Bank Lao Ltd., a subsidiary of Canadia Bank Plc, was granted its banking license by the Bank of Lao on 14 August 2015 and started operations on 1 September 2015.  Canadia Bank Lao is 51 percent owned by Canadia Investment Holding Plc., 49 percent owned by Canadia Bank Plc., and having registered capital of LAK 300 billion (approximately US$37.5 million).  Led by experienced and seasoned management, Canadia Bank Lao will earn the trust and confidence of its business and consumer customers.


Deposit Products:


Saving Account


Think it is time to start your savings? Think Canadia Bank’s Savings Account. Simple to open and manage, this account features a low minimum balance that lets you start small and build as you go. Easy access to your money, and available in three currencies: LAK, THB, and USD.


Fixed Deposit Account

The benefits of Canadia Fixed Deposit lie in its flexibility, security, and reliability.  You can choose the tenure of your savings and how you want the interest to be paid, be it monthly or at maturity. Whichever tenure you choose, you can be confident that you will receive a competitive interest rate on your deposit.  Available in three currencies: LAK, THB, and USD.


Current Account


The current account helps you focus on growing your business and a strong balance sheet.  The Canadia Bank Lao current account is particularly useful to facilitate business transactions using checks and transfers in lieu of cash. It can be used together with a Savings account for check clearance by transferring funds between accounts.  Available in three currencies: LAK, THB, and USD.


Junior Account


As parents, we know it is never too early to start saving for your child’s future. Canadia Bank Lao’s Junior Account is designed to help you save for your child’s future. The money invested in the account earns higher interest for your child until age 18.  Available in two currencies: LAK and USD.


Retirement Account


Secure your financial needs after retirement with a higher interest rate to prepare for a better standard of living.  You can make withdrawals on-demand after reaching the legal retirement age.  The Retirement Account is available in two currencies: LAK and USD.


SME Loan


Bring your business ideas to life with Canadia Bank Lao’s SME loans. Whether you are expanding your business, purchasing equipment, or funding long term growth, Canadia Bank Lao has the right solutions for your capital requirements, and the expertise to make it happen. We offer the most competitive financial products and services designed to support SMEs. Canadia Bank Lao fully supports Lao’s SMEs.


Home Loan


Make your dream home a reality with Canadia Bank Lao’s Home Loan to buy a new house, make renovations, or build a new house.  Canadia Bank Lao makes obtaining a loan with us easy, and we work with each customer’s unique situation.


Personal Loan


Increase your quality of living with a Canadia Bank Lao personal loan.  A personal loan helps you purchase items necessary for day to day living, such as new vehicles, household furnishings, and utensils, education expenses, medical bills, or solve an unexpected financial gap.


Overdraft Loan


Short-term credit solution to provide emergency financial support for unpredictable or unplanned financial needs related to your business.  An overdraft loan is used to support various business transactions and help optimize cash flow.  Interest is calculated on the loan amount and the number of days utilized.


Car Loan


Own a brand-new car, registered in your name, and with number plates.  With Canadia Bank Lao car loan, you may use the car itself as collateral, or you may use your land title.  Up to 100 percent of the loan value, and 60 months tenor.


Remittance Services


Real-Time Gross Settlement Domestic Transfers


Real-Time Gross Settlement is an electronic money transfer system, which transfers LAK currency to banks in the Lao PDR.  It is fast, convenient, and credits the beneficiary account within a few hours.


Moneygram and SWIFT


Send and receive money to/from any destination around the world.  Fast, secure, and reliable.

Key Figures

USD 26.49 M

USD 1.23 M



Total Assets

Gross Revenue



( Latest financial year data at 31 December 2021)

Annual Reports

Company Contact












Unit7, Pangkham Street,

Xiengnheun Village,

Chanthabouly District,

Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.

+856 21-227 999

+856 21 227 888

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