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FUNAN Microfinance Plc.

FUNAN Microfinance Plc. (FUNAN) received its license from the National Bank of Cambodia on 21 August 2015, and remains a trusted lending and financial counseling institution for its growing customer base.  FUNAN was created through a strategic partnership between Canadia Investment Holding and Fullerton Financial Holdings, and on 12 May 2017, became a subsidiary of Cambodia Post Bank.


With more than 20,000 customers and a loan portfolio of more than $30 Million, FUNAN continues to grow is an extensive branch network, expanding to 51 branches across Cambodia, reaching into every province. 

Business Loans:


FUNAN supports small businesses and self-employed earning a net income of at least $85 per month and provides capital for new business creation and business expansion.


  • Loan size: US$500 to US$20,000 

  • Loan Tenor: Up to 60 Months

  • Repayment terms: Equated monthly installment (EMI) or Equated monthly principal (EMP)

Agricultural Loans:


FUNAN supports Cambodia’s small agricultural businesses by providing small seasonal loans to farmers with reliable cash flow.

Consumer Loans:


FUNAN’s Consumer loans allow customers to make necessary personal consumption purchases, such as for mobile phones, computers and electronic devices, and household appliances.  In cooperation with key business partners, FUNAN ensures the best and most convenient customer service, and best quality products for the money.

Home Improvement Loans:


FUNAN supports families and individuals who want to build their asset bases, such as improve their home or purchase a new home and provides easy payment terms, including EMI and EMP.

Special Loans:


FUNAN supports families who are dependent on income from relatives working in Korea, providing capital for any purpose and attractive loan repayment options.

Key Figures

USD 74.5 M

Total Assets

USD 14.5 M

Gross Revenue





( Latest financial year data at 31 December 2021 )

Annual Reports








Company Contact

Address :      No 95, Preah Monivong Blvd,

                      Corner of Street 118,

                      Sangkat Monourom,

                      Khan Prampir Meakkakra,

                      Phnom Penh.

Tel          :      (855-23) 888 830

                      (855-12) 928 929

                      (855-93) 508 888

Fax         :      (855-23) 888 831

E-mail    :

Website :

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