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Cambodia Post Bank Plc. a fully licensed commercial bank, established and officially launched in September 2013, was formed through a strategic partnership between Canadia Investment Holding Plc. (CIH), Cambodia Post (CP) from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, and Fullerton Financial Holdings Pte. (FFH) Singapore.


Cambodia Post Bank aims to be the best mass-market bank that enriches lives, enables the growing aspirations of the people of Cambodia, and creates sustainable value for shareholders, employees, and society.


Loan Products


Customers who need funds to create a new business or support their business expansion, realize their dreams because Cambodia Post Bank provides infinite possibilities with a wide range of loan products. We provide loans in three different currencies, including Khmer Riel, US Dollar, and Thai Baht. The loan amount is granted based on actual need and repayment capacity. We provide flexible repayment terms and the loan tenor of up to 72 months with attractive interest rates.  We offer

Microloans, Small loans, and Medium loans.


Deposit Products


Place your hard-earned funds with any Cambodia Post Bank high interest-earning deposit product, and you secure those funds for your family and your business.  With the trust, reliability, and security Cambodia Post Bank is known for, let your money work for you.  Cambodia Post Bank developed a range of savings and deposit products to help customers manage their cash effectively. Deposits can be made in three different currencies including Khmer Riel, US Dollar, and Thai Baht.


Current Account:


Cambodia Post Bank’s most popular product, our Current Account is a transactional account developed for the individual and non-individual customer’s day-to-day business activities and includes cheque book facilities.


VIP Current Account:


Our VIP Current Account offers high-interest rates and is designed to serve both retail and non-retail customers who require large cheque payment facilities for payments for their daily business activities.


Savings Account:


We make saving money easy. Our popular Savings Account is an interest-bearing account, which requires a minimum deposit amount of US$10.  This simple.


VIP Savings Account:


Cambodia Post Bank’s VIP Savings Account offers everything our classic Savings Account offers, plus additional benefits that high net worth customers expect.  Along with a higher interest rate, we provide the VIP membership card for priority service offerings at all branches.


Recurring Savings Account:


With our Recurring Savings Account, you are in more control of funding your Fixed Deposit, which allows you to make multiple deposit installments into your account while keeping the same maturity date.  The initial minimum deposit is $50, and no maximum deposit.

Fixed Deposit Account:


Our classic fixed-term deposit with a very competitive interest rate.  We provide an option to draw down the interest earned monthly or at the end of the fixed term.


Fund Transfers


Cambodia Post Bank makes it easy and convenient to send money to family, relatives, business partners to any provincial town or remote area in Cambodia.  We have a large branch network that reaches every corner of Cambodia and provides best in class service.  Our offices are located nearby customers’ houses and business locations providing convenience, quick service, security, and reliability.  Transfer:


  • Account to account

  • Account to non-account

  • Non-account to account

  • Non-account to no-account


Mobile Baking Service


Cambodia Post Bank knows you are on the move.  Bank with confidence with our mobile banking services, which are convenient, secure, easy, and efficient.  We also offer fraud reduction technology, which protects you with all your transactions such as remittance, fund transfer, mobile top-up, and bill payment.  Freedom to bank on your schedule.


ATM Service


Cambodia Post Bank’s extensive network of ATMs allows you to transact, handle cash withdrawals, inter and intra-bank transfers, mobile top-up, and bill payments 24/7.


Tier Pricing


Cambodia Post Bank offers a unique Tier Pricing Account, which provides tiered interest rates based on your account balance.  The interest rate is computed daily on the outstanding balance and will liquidate at the end of each month.  Available in three currencies; Khmer Riel, USD, and Thai Bhat.

Key Figures

USD 1.12 B

Total Assets

USD 92 M

Gross Revenue





( Latest financial year data at 31 December 2021 )

Annual Reports









Company Contact

Address :     #265-269, Preah Ang Duong St.,

                     Sangkat Wat Phnom,

                     Khan Doun Penh,

                     Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Tel :              +855(0) 23 260 888

E-mail :

Website :

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