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Cana Securities Ltd was incorporated and registered with the Ministry of Commerce of Kingdom of Cambodia as a private limited liability company under license number Co.0404KH/2010. Cana Securities acquired the license of underwriting from the Securities Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) on 20 October 2010, which allows it to operate its securities business in the Cambodian stock market. Cana Securities is a wholly own subsidiary of Canadia Bank Plc.


As one of the leading securities, we provide individual investors and corporate clients with a broad range of services including:




With our brokerage services, your trading at the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) will be executed effectively in a serious and professional manner according to their professional skill, code of ethics, in compliance with relevant laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia.


Your investment will be safe and your privacy will be kept confidential. We have a set of our own internal regulations in addition to laws and regulations that were promulgated by the government to guide the conduct and professional ethics of our employees.


Securities Underwriting


Cana Securities, along with its highly professionalize underwriting team with multi-year experience in securities underwriting abroad, will help your company getting success in Initial Public O­ffering (IPO) which requires the involvement of complicated legal procedures.


As the wholly own subsidiary of Canadia Bank, one of the largest commercial bank in Cambodia, we have tremendous capital to underwrite a larger scale of Initial Public Offering than any other securities firm in Cambodia. Selecting Cana Securities as your IPO underwriter, our committed underwriting team will help you in dealing with the complex legal procedures and secure the success of securities o­ffered, and hence, raises capital as needed.


Investment Advisory


Cana Securities investment advisory includes a range of investment strategies by providing financial analysis related to stock investment, maximizing the investor’s income, which consists of value investing and stock trading information.


Fund Management


At Cana Securities, we have a specialist who is experienced in fund management, which will ensure that your fund will be managed and invested properly and wisely. We o­ffer the investor full transparency and control over investment funds via our management system. We will help you in various investment opportunities and turn those investment portfolios from analytics to real profit.

Debts Capital Market

Debts Capital Market Department of Cana Securities is composed of a group of proficient, diligent, and responsible senior specialized sta­. With the deepening development of the capital market, Cana Securities established a business team combining bond contracts, bond sales, and risk control. The team of proficient work, clear allocation, and effective cooperation is an important guarantee to provide high-quality services.

Key Figures

USD 13.02 M

Total Assets

USD 472 K

Net Revenue

( Latest financial year data at 31 December 2021 )

Company Contact

Address :      15th Floor, Canadia Tower,

                      No. 315, Preah Ang Duong St. (110),

                      corner of Preah Monivong Blvd. (93),

                      Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia

Tel :               (+855) 23 999 887

Fax :              (+855) 23 990 686

E-mail :

Website :

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