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CanaTrust Co. Ltd.

CanaTrust (CanaTrust) leverages Canadia Bank Plc.’s resources and network which has more than 28 years of financial and asset management experience in Cambodia. Our professional managers will work closely with you, your family, and advisors to determine the right structure appropriate for your needs and circumstances.

1. Property Trust Services

Property Trust Services are trust solutions that allow sophisticated high net worth individuals to better manage and consolidate their investments. It is a highly customized trust solution that allows the high net worth clients to invest into specific or targeted areas of interest.

Clients (especially for foreigners) have the option of appointing CANA TRUST CO., LTD to hold and manage the assets under the private trust in Cambodia, thus allowing clients to better manage and focus on their other businesses.


CANA TRUST CO., LTD, as trustee, will hold the trust property for the benefit of the clients and ensure that the trust is managed in the best interests of clients. In addition, CANA TRUST CO., LTD will provide Property Due Diligence Service and ensure that the trust is administered in accordance with the agreed trust agreement.


Mr. Zhang is a foreigner. According to Cambodian Laws, foreigner is not allowed to own landed properties in Cambodia (exception is provided for property building – 1st floor and above).

Solution: CANA TRUST CO., LTD, a trustworthy local Cambodian company holds the landed property in trust for Mr. Zhang in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions of the trust agreement.  Mr. Zhang may engage CANA TRUST CO., LTD to manage the landed properties such as rental collection from tenants, paying utilities bills, disposal of the landed properties etc.


2. Property Due Diligence Services


CANA TRUST CO., LTD provides due diligence services to the clients prior to the land acquisition. This is to protect the interests of the clients to ensure they are not purchasing lands with ownership issues, within the restricted areas etc.


3. Escrow Agent Services

CANA TRUST CO., LTD refers the escrow service to Canadia Bank Plc and support the customers on all their enquiries related to the escrow services.


A Chinese investment company (‘the Company’) wants to purchase a 5,000 hectares land in Cambodia, but the Company does not have a Cambodian representative in Cambodia. The land owner can only hold the land for the Company for 1 month, the Company can CANA TRUST CO., LTD to hold the land on its behalf by depositing the funds to the Canadia Bank Escrow Account. After the Company and the landlord sign the land purchase agreement and Escrow Agreement, CANA TRUST Co., LTD through Canadia Bank will transfer the funds from the Canadia Bank Escrow account to the land owner as deposit and the balance will be fully paid upon completion all the land transfer documents.

CANA TRUST holds the property rights of the land as trustee on behalf of the Company.

4. Company Services

  •  Company Registration at Ministry of commerce.

  •  Tax registration at Ministry of Tax.

  •  Amendments to the Article of Association.

  •  Property transferring owner of title deed.

Company Contact

Address :     3rd Floor, Canadia Tower,

                     No. 315, Ang Doung St.

                     Corner Monivong Blvd,

                     Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Tel :              023 868 222

Email :

Website :

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